Security Intelligence Service promotes awareness action


The Nonagon Association last week received the Security Information Service (SIS) for an awareness-raising action in the area of ​​Knowledge Protection and Economic Security, under the Knowledge Protection Program, in the Luna room of the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel.

This action was attended by Dr. Carlos Oliveira, Regional Director in the Azores of SIS, and with about 50 participants, from companies to public administration entities, members of various security forces and laboratories and research centers.

Dr. Cláudia Cunha, from the SIS Counterintelligence Service, was responsible for giving a presentation in which issues such as the contextualization of the national reality regarding security and espionage, identification of actors and methods of espionage were also shared concrete and recent espionage cases targeting national entities, including universities, laboratories and research centers, and procedures identified to minimize the risks to the particular interests of the represented institutions and national interests and to enhance security levels.

Theft of an organization's know-how and sensitive information - including, but not limited to, innovation processes, research, development, production, distribution, promotion, plans, strategies or tender proposals - is an illegal and competitive act which could result in significant damage to national authorities and the country.

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