The concept of cowork involves the shared use of a space between professionals from different areas with the intent of sharing knowledge, still maintaining an independent rhythm of work.

The EBN (European Business Network) defines it in a very simple way – “independent workers who move to the same space to work on their projects… together”. As such, coworking aside from sharing a physical space, is above all about the creation of a community among self-employed workers who share values and appreciate synergies as a foundation for competitive advantage and achievement through work.

It is a worldwide trend, widespread in North America and Europe, and with some expression in the Azores.

At Nonagon, we have 5 COWORK Space available packages:

It is destined to the potential coworker, who, ignoring the concept, considers making this, part of his work methodology. The potential coworker will be able to assess the benefits of coworking, free of charge, up to 1 consecutive month.

It is intended for professionals who have specific needs (day) for a workspace related to the resident companies of the Park or in the area (hot desk).

It is destined for professionals who intend to stay in the Park for periods of at least one week, but less than one month (hot desk).

For professionals who need to stay in the Park for a month or longer we have available this Package, subject to contract and entitled to dedicated desk(s).

This support model aims at companies or self-employed entrepreneurs that wish to establish their activity in the Azores remotely, benefiting from a diversified range of support services.

COWORK Space Application

If you consider using the COWORK Space, located at Nonagon – Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, to carry out your activity, please consult the Cowork Space Terms and Conditions.

In the case of the 4TEST, 4WORK4D and 4WORK4W packages, please express your interest to indicating the desired package and its starting date.

Regarding the BUSINESS ON packages /Base, Plus and Virtual), please apply directly using the application form.

The eligible applicants are: entrepreneurs, new companies and professionals in the process of developing and consolidating their projects and activities.


Today, companies that create new products are encouraged to think outside their home market and determine ways to operate globally.

Considering that entering an international market can be a challenge for start-ups and/or SME’s, Nonagon, within its scope of action, created a soft-landing program to facilitate the creation of a base in the Azores and the necessary link to the business and innovation ecosystem of the Azores.

Nonagon, directly or through its key stakeholders, can provide support in several important areas of international expansion, such as legal advice, access to finance, R&D, among others.

If you are considering using the Soft-landing services provided by Nonagon, please consult the Soft-landing Terms and Conditions and fill in the application form.
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