Incubator Go-On

The main goal of the Incubator GO ON is to host and support entrepreneurs throughout the process of developing their business ideas into science and technology-based viable SME’s, in various areas of knowledge.

GO ON provides, through an integrated vision, the means to facilitate the conversion of innovative projects into successful businesses, covering the entrepreneur’s needs across the incubation value chain.

Furthermore, GO On aims to promote the interaction between the business environment and the education and R&D organizations, thus favouring the advantages of the resulting synergies.

The Incubator GO ON, in addition to office spaces fully equipped with furniture, free voice and data communications and air conditioning, delivers value-added services (advanced services) throughout the incubation value chain.

STARTUP Virtual consists of a support mode of virtual incubation for those who want to position themselves in the local/regional market, and benefit from a diversified portfolio of support services, limiting the potential geographical and cost constraints.


If you are interested in the STARTUP virtual services provided by the Nonagon – Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, please consult the STARTUP Virtual Terms and Conditions and fill in the form that will be available. The result of the selection process will be communicated by the Nonagon Board of Directors to the applicant and, if favourable, both parts will execute the contract.