Regional Secretary meets with NONAGON companies


In an initiative promoted by Associação Nonagon, the Regional Secretary for Culture, Science and Digital Transition, Susete Amaro, met yesterday with some of the companies based in the Park.

These meetings, which will be held monthly, have as their main objective to enhance the creation of strategic networking based on a dialogue that is intended to be direct, simplified and bureaucratic.

The dynamism and creative tension of entrepreneurship and business activity, as well as innovation and technology itself, sometimes require specific communication spaces and instruments, so it is intended to favor them in this way, in an attempt to find more efficient solutions for issues and issues that affect businesses and companies based in this business community.

“It is from the dialogue that perspectives, suggestions, solutions and differentiated approaches that can be of interest to everyone often emerge”, said Susete Amaro.

On the first day of this initiative, the companies Custom Project, Fibrenamics Azores and Matizes e Segmentos were received.

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