Project presented for the next building of Nonagon


The Science and Technology Park of São Miguel last week received the presentation of the construction project of the next building, called the Business Center for Information and Communication Technologies.

The President of the Nonagon Association's Board of Directors, Arnaldo Machado, received, for this public session, the Vice-President of the Government of the Azores, Sérgio Ávila, the Regional Secretary of the Sea, Science and Technology, Gui Menezes and the Regional Director of Science and Technology, Bruno Pacheco.

Bruno Pacheco, responsible for the presentation of the project, stated that the Azores Regional Government assumes business innovation and knowledge transfer as a fundamental pillar of competitiveness and that, considering the occupation rate of the Science and Technology Park of the São Miguel Island, it is necessary to provide it with a space dedicated to continue the process of incubation and installation of companies.

He added that the installation of the Business Center for Information and Communications Technologies also aims to host the so-called "FABLAB", a space that serves as a technical support for a new generation of entrepreneurs, equipped with equipment, processes and human resources suitable for transformation ideas into prototypes and products in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies.

This project is framed in RIS3 and constitutes an infrastructure that induces the scientific and technological capacity of regional companies, with the aim of boosting entrepreneurship for innovation and the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to the business community.

The presentation of the Nonagon lot 32 project was attended by about 50 people, including representatives of companies located in the Science and Technology Park, Research Centers Centers, Regional Deputies and Schools of Lagoa Municipality, Center of Entrepreneurs of Lagoa and Civil and Military Authorities.

The constructions should start at the end of the first half of 2020.

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