Presentation of the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton


The Luna room of the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel was chosen for the presentation ceremony of the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton, followed by the laying of the first building stone.

The signing ceremony for the construction of Double Tree by Hilton was attended by Vasco Cordeiro, President of the Government of the Azores, Sérgio Ávila, Vice President, Marta Guerreiro, Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism, Cristina Calisto, President of Lagoa City Council, Gonçalo Sousa, international representative of the Hilton hotel chain and Paulo Caetano, administrator of Let's Sea Azores.

The hotel, with a value of 16 million euros, given its location, will have an important impact on the island of São Miguel, seeking to reflect, in its design, the best of the Azores, said Paulo Caetano. Hilton Group is the first international hotel chain to make investments in the Azores, which for Gonçalo Sousa "is a source of pride also because it will take root".

At the launch of the first stone of the Hotel and the visit to the works of the Azores International Hospital, Vasco Cordeiro said that these significant ongoing investments in the city of Lagoa are examples of the confidence of private investors in the economy of the Region. "This project goes beyond just building a hotel for what it involves with integrated vision and articulated with the International Hospital of the Azores, and the presence of a large international chain with deployment in one of the strategic markets for the Azores, such as the United States of America", noted the President of the Government of the Azores.

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