Penta Helix in discussion on NONAGON


The Nonagon Association- Science and Technology Park of São Miguel received a conference about ‘’Personal and Professional development: processes and concepts on a Penta Helix Vision’’ promoted by the Economic and Social Council of Azores.

The event counted on their opening session with the presence of Teresa Borges Tiago, President of the Permanent Specialized Commission of Education and Training of the Economic and Social Council of Azores, Gualter Furtado, President of the Economic and Social Council of Azores, and Duarte Freitas, Regional Secretary for Finances, Planning and Public Administration.

‘’Challenges of the Value of Human Capital: Education, Training and Science’’ was the theme discussed on the first panel moderated by Osvaldo Cabral with the intervention of Sofia Ribeiro, Regional Secretary for Education and Cultural Affairs, Maria João Carreiro, Regional Secretary for Youth, Vocational Training and Employment, and José Luis Presa, President of the National Association of Professional Schools (NAPS).

Duarte Freitas, Regional Secretary for Finances, Planning and Public Administration, Luis Rebelo de Sousa, Advisor of the Administration Council of AICEP Portugal Global, and Pedro Dominguinhos, President of the Nacional Commission for Monitoring the Recovery and Resilience Plan, were the participants of the second panel moderated by João Carlos Teixeira, College Professor, with the theme ‘’The Part of Human Capital in the Business Initiatives’.

The Penta Helix model for economic and social development promotes an innovation culture and creative synergies, sustained by education, training and knowledge transfer. The model suggests that social innovation and territorial development requires the participation of every stakeholder from all the sections of society, with the purpose of creating and exporting value.

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