Nonagon shares practices at the IV Ethical and Solidarity Finance Forum


The President of the Nonagon Association's Board of Directors, Arnaldo Machado, participated this morning in the "Panel of Practices in Portugal", of the IV Forum of Ethical and Solidary Finance, in the auditorium of the Regional Civil Engineering Laboratory.

"Nonagon, as part of its support to its companies, tries to keep up with the evolution in the approach to new business development: we move from a simple trade to a future where businesses are based on the value they create and the value that drives them. . And in this value, ethics, even by imposing the new consumer profile, cannot but be part of the new business models", said Arnaldo Machado.

The IV Forum for Ethical and Solidarity Finance counts on the presence of representatives of various ethical banking and solidarity financing entities that address topics such as "EaSI Technical Assistance - Microfinance and Ethical Banking - European and Portuguese Framework", "O World of Ethical Finance in Europe", "Practices in Portugal" and "EaSI Technical Assistance - The Digital World of Microfinance in Europe".

This is an initiative of CRESAÇOR - Regional Cooperative for Solidarity Economy, in partnership with FESCOOP - Regional Cooperative for the Development of Ethical and Solidary Finance, which aims to make known the construction of ethical and solidary financial instruments in the country and to develop projects that integrate this type of financing.

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