"New Coordinates" in the most varied areas of activity


Around the theme of Innovation, the Nonagon Association, in cooperation with COTEC Portugal - Business Association for Innovation, promoted, yesterday, a Seminar under the theme "New Coordinates", in the auditorium of the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel.

The opening session of this event was conducted by Ricardo Medeiros, Regional Director of Investment and Competitiveness Support, highlighting the importance of these meetings and sharing knowledge and experiences in this area for the economic development of the Region.

A protocol of cooperation was then signed between the Nonagon Association, represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Arnaldo Machado, and COTEC Portugal, represented by the General Director, Jorge Portugal, who aims to develop competitiveness entrepreneurship and sharing of good innovation practices.

Afonso Van Uden, from Fat Tuna, presented to everyone the innovative techniques used for "Appreciation of the Fish", title of his intervention. Luís Nunes, from AzoresGetAways, talk about the "Technological Innovation as a response to the challenges of the insular outermost region", and Helena Vasconcelos, with a presentation titled "Fibers with Impulse", presented the work being developed by Innovation Green Azores.

The Keynote Speaker of this Seminar, Jorge Portugal, captured the attention of the 165 participants, with an intervention subordinated to the theme "Revolution 4.0".

Vânia Dilac, who closed this Seminar with the theme "Chamateia" by Luís Bettencourt, was responsible for conducting a brief interview with Jorge Portugal on the subject under consideration and the performance of COTEC Portugal in the pursuit of its mission.

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