National Geographic documentary presents Azorean seas


The auditorium of the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel was the venue for the presentation of the report of the scientific expeditions carried out in the Azores seas, under the Blue Azores project, a partnership between the Azorean Executive and the Oceano Azul and Waitt foundations.

The opening of this presentation ceremony was attended by Vasco Cordeiro, President of the Government of the Azores, Ricardo Serrão Santos, Minister of the Sea, Kathryn Mengerink of the Waitt Foundation and José Soares dos Santos of the Oceano Azul Foundation.

"In the Azores, we have a growing and collective awareness of what is at stake, but we must gradually form a movement to raise awareness of the need to create a true united front for the defense and preservation of our sea, essential for us to win this future", said Vasco Cordeiro.

In his speech, Vasco Cordeiro also stated that Blue Azores does not intend to be a project that aims only to highlight the maritime beauties of the Azores, a region with unique characteristics, which has a certain state of conservation of its resources and has challenges that it wants to overcome.

"Blue Azores focuses on what these three partners - Government, Blue Ocean Foundation and Waitt Foundation - can and want to do to demonstrate how we can overcome these ocean preservation and sustainability challenges", said the President of the Government, while ensuring that this is an ambitious project that should be seen as a clear sign of hope and future.

After a brief explanation by Paul Rose, National Geographic Expedition Leader, the 30-minute documentary on this topic was presented.

This ceremony ended with the speeches of the researchers involved in the scientific expeditions with the presentation of those that were the main conclusions of the work carried out in the Azorean seas.

The Blue Azores program focuses on conservation and sustainable use of resources, and also involves the areas of education, economics and fisheries management, as well as various local, regional, national and international partners.

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