Labor Law theme under discussion


The auditorium of the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel hosted the III Regional Labor Law Days, an initiative of the Regional Directorate of Employment and Professional Qualification.

During the opening session, the III Conference on Labor Rights was attended by the Municipal Councilor of Lagoa, Nelson Santos, and the Director of Labor Services and the Head of Division of the Regional Directorate of Employment and Professional Qualification, Renato Martins and Susana Martins, respectively.

This event was attended by a first panel moderated by Gualter Furtado, President of the Azores Social Economic Council, with speeches on "Labor Code Changes", "Geographic Mobility" and "Moral Harassment".

In a second moment, the subjects discussed were the "Term Contract", "Working Time and Rest Time" and "Collective Contracting Outside the Comfort Zone: Autonomous Work", moderated by lawyer Noé Rodrigues.

The realization of the event, which now knows its third edition, highlights the need and importance of sharing knowledge and professional experience between the specialized scientific community and all professionals in our Region dealing with issues of the working world, which are now confronted. recent changes to the Labor Code.

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