International reference tool presented to entrepreneurs


The Nonagon Association, in partnership with COTEC Portugal - Business Association for Innovation, realized yesterday the "Innovation Scoring" workshop, in the Viking Room of the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel.

This workshop, led by Carlos Cabeleira, Project Director of COTEC, had as main objectives to consolidate concepts about business innovation, to enable companies to manage innovation in a systematic way, to apply the international reference tool (Innovation Scoring) in the process diagnosis of innovation, provide the company with management indicators and benchmarking benchmarks and know best practices in innovation management.

As participants, the "Innovation Scoring" workshop was attended by some of the companies residing in the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, representatives of the University of the Azores, the Regional Directorate of Science and Technology, the New Bank of the Azores, UnOffice - PDL Business & Work Center, Cempa - Business Center of the Azores, Azores Business Development Society and the Regional Laboratory of Civil Engineering.

COTEC Portugal is the leading Portuguese business association for the promotion of innovation and business technological cooperation. COTEC Portugal's universe encompasses multinational companies, large national groups and SMEs in various sectors of activity, representing, in aggregate terms, more than 16% of GDP in gross value added and 8% of private employment.

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