Government of the Azores anticipates payments in the Incubation, Digital SME and Export Azores vouchers


The Government of the Azores, through the Vice-Presidency, taking into account the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic situation on the normal activity of companies, made a change to the procedure for payment requests within the scope of Vale Incubação, Vale PME Digital and Vale Exportar Açores, in order to enable the presentation of interim payments, allowing a reinforcement of the injection of liquidity in Azorean companies.

With this change, it is now possible to submit two payment requests, one of which is interim, in the form of advance payment.

In the case of advance payment, the company receives the amount of support corresponding to the reimbursement upon presentation of the respective invoice, with the obligation, within 15 working days after the transfer of the amount of support to the company's account, to present the proof of payment. Payment of the respective invoices.

The request for final payment must be submitted within a maximum period of 90 working days, from the date of completion of the transaction.

For more information, interested parties should contact the Regional Directorate for Support to Investment and Competitiveness, by calling 296 309 100 or by email

This new measure, which represents yet another financial reinforcement by the Government of the Azores, allows companies that benefit from the incentive to receive in advance and make payments to companies providing services, injecting liquidity into these entities, without having to use their own financial resources to the effect.

This is yet another measure of the Government of the Azores, which, preparing for the future, makes it possible to reinforce support to Azorean companies in investing in crucial areas for their competitiveness.

Source: GACS

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