Archives, libraries and museums under discussion at the 18th BAD Regional Meeting


The auditorium of the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel hosted, for the third consecutive year, the Regional Meeting of the Association of Librarians, Documentalists and Archivists (BAD), under the theme "Archives, Libraries and Museums: Expectations Versus Realities in Contemporary Society".

The opening session of this XVIII Meeting was attended by the Regional Director of Culture, Susana Goulart Costa, representing the Government of the Azores, with Albertina Oliveira, representing the City Council of Lagoa and Manuela Lima, President of the BAD Regional Delegation.

This event featured four panel discussions on the following themes: Documentary Collections in Libraries, Archives, Documentation Centers and Museums: Approaches and Convergences, New Challenges in Information Management in the Business Sector, Historical Documentary Heritage: Organizing the Past to Serve the Future and the Impact of RGPD on Organizations: Instruments and Standards for the Application of Archival Information.

For the presentation of the themes inherent to each panel, the XVIII BAD Meeting was attended by representatives of various regional and national entities.

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