Applications for CREATOR Azores close tomorrow


The Apollo Room of the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel welcomed, this morning, Mr. Carlos Santos, Chairman of the Azores Tourism Observatory, for a presentation session of the CREATOR Azores project - Transforming the Azores into a Creative Tourist Destination.

CREATOR Azores is a project with an integrated research and application approach, which aims to develop research focused on creative tourism in island regions, diversify tourist offerings in the Azores and strengthen links with other Portuguese regions where this model is being implemented.

CREATOUR Azores' main objective is to enable various agents located in the Azores archipelago to develop, implement and promote creative tourism experiences. Through these experiences tourists will have opportunities to actively participate in creative activities, providing learning opportunities, creative self-expression and interaction with local communities. The creative tourism approach enables both visitors and local communities to benefit from tourism by promoting cultural vitality and sustainability and allowing artistic and creative activities to play a key role in socio-economic development.

CREATOR Azores is co-coordinated by the Azores Tourism Observatory and the University of the Azores, in partnership with the University of Coimbra's Center for Social Studies (CES).

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