“The Discovery and Settlement of the Azores” under construction at Nonagon


The Nonagon Association - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, has signed a cooperation protocol with several entities for the development of the Video Game “The Discovery and the Settlement of the Azores”.

The signing ceremony of this protocol was attended by the Regional Secretary of Education and Culture, Avelino Meneses, the Mayor of Lagoa, Cristina Calisto, the President of the Provisional Executive Committee of the Lagoa Secondary School, Jorge Botelho, the President of the Board of Casa do Povo of Água de Pau, Ana Melo, the Chairman of the Nonagon Association's Board of Directors, Arnaldo Machado and the Globaleda Company Administrator, Pedro Leite.

This protocol aims to provide students with an appealing learning mode that combines forms of formal and non-formal education through the development of a video game that aims to portray the Discovery and Settlement of the Azores.

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