The Day After Tomorrow of Business: Digital Transformation for Managers


Yesterday, during the program of the 2021 edition of WebSummit, the book “The day after tomorrow in business: digital transformation for administrators” was launched, held at a public ceremony at the Lisbon Oceanarium.

It is a work produced by the Excellence in Competitive Intelligence Group (GEIC) which Teresa Ferreira, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nonagon Association is part of.

"The digital transformation in the universe of administration is a topic that generates many reflections, doubts and debates - and, consequently, the continuous need for learning" so the GEIC decided to contribute with different perspectives on these themes, to support the various professionals who need dedicated information.

The Nonagon Association has been producing several articles, focused on challenging and current issues, aiming to support its community of companies and partners in their decision-making. “Atlantic Observatory: the digital transformation”, is the name of the chapter with which the Association participates in this book.

With this work, the Group of Excellence in Competitive Intelligence of the Regional Administration Council of São Paulo, Brazil, organizers of the work, does not intend to create a definitive and infallible guide on digital transformation. On the contrary, the reader will precisely glimpse doubts and reflections promoted by some of the main specialists in Brazil.

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