Science and Technology Month: stimulating children's creativity


The Nonagon Association - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, in November, month of Science and Technology, sought with the children, in addition to stimulating creativity, to introduce the concepts of entrepreneurship, innovation and invention.

Last Wednesday, NONAGON visited the Basic and Integrated School of Lagoa and had the opportunity to debate the themes of entrepreneurship and innovation with a group of 16 children, from 10 to 12 years old, representatives of the various classes of the 2nd Cycle.

During the afternoon, and in partnership with Expolab - Centro de Ciência Viva, an activity was developed with a group from the São Pedro Club where it was possible, using simple exercises, to stimulate the creativity of the 10 children.

The initiative ended with the viewing of the episode "How a computer works" from the series "Question to StoryBots", which transmits to the youngest people how the Operating System works, what are the inputs and outputs and the various steps related to data processing.

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