Register for the Cotec Innovation Summit: 100% digital


On June 22, COTEC Portugal - Business Association for Innovation will promote the COTEC Innovation Summit 2020 Conference, now 100% online, dedicated to the theme “From 4.0 to the Industrial Renaissance: the Next Steps in a Post-COVID Era” .

This Conference, aimed at an audience of business leaders, policy makers, academics and students, will address the still pervasive concept of Europe's “Industrial Renaissance” as a process of accelerated change whose strengths are based on geopolitics and globalization, technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, ambitious political goals of ecological transition, and which has the industrial sector as the essential nucleus in a competitive and ecological economy.

The Conference will have a wide international audience and will count with the participation of more than 40 speakers and international experts, during 35 sessions and 16 hours of broadcasting.

Consult the program, meet the speakers and register directly on the event page:


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