Pureza Notória is recruiting


Pureza Notória, a company based in the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, is recruiting for the role of “Scientific Researcher”.

Minimum requirement: Degree
Preferred Areas: Biology/Biochemistry/Biotechnology or Industrial Engineering/Fluid Mechanics. However, other backgrounds in scientific research will also be considered.

Experience: Candidates whose laboratory and teamwork skills are already attested will be privileged.

The chosen candidate will be responsible for the daily work of the project in a multidisciplinary team.

More information available at: https://purezanotoria.pt/recrutamento/

Pureza Notória is a company focused on finding “turnkey” technological solutions. They provide quality services, in accordance with the needs of customers, integrating highly specialized professionals through partnerships in specific projects.

  • Tecnologia K – Epsilon Street, N.º 2
    9560-421 Rosário - Lagoa
  • +351 296 249 400
  • +351 965 985 090

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