President of the Regional Government of the Azores visits NONAGON


The President of the Regional Government of the Azores, José Manuel Bolieiro, visited, yesterday afternoon, the operations center of the “SOS Ukraine” movement, installed in the NONAGON car park.

At the moment, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nonagon Association, Teresa Ferreira, and the Member of the Board of Directors, Odete Cabral, were also present.

Minutes before the closing of one of the containers, with about 25 tons, which will leave for Lisbon and later for Poland, the President of the Regional Government of the Azores expressed his gratitude to the dozens of volunteers associated with this solidarity movement.

José Manuel Bolieiro stressed that, among the donations, there are medicines, clothing, goods related to food needs, and, addressing the volunteers present, he also valued the fact that the Azores are the region of the country that has contributed the most with material goods to refugees from the war in Ukraine.

The Nonagon Association – Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, made itself available to cooperate in the installation of the operations center for the “SOS-Ukraine” movement, providing a covered storage area of 1900 m2, in order to support the movement’s collection campaigns. solidarity that tries to help the populations involved in humanitarian emergencies in Ukraine.

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