Nordeste Professional School visiting NONAGON


This morning, Nonagon Association – Science and Technology Park of São Miguel received a visit from the first-year class of the Technical Course in Communication and Digital Service of Nordeste Professional School.

The 15 students, accompanied by Professor André Ruela, were received in the TESARAC auditorium by the President of the Board of Directors, Arnaldo Machado, for a brief presentation of the mission and objectives of this Association.

Then, they had the opportunity to watch an interactive presentation made by the collaborator Ricardo Machado on “Entrepreneurship and Innovating in the 21st Century”, where, in addition to sharing some concepts and myths about Entrepreneurship, some successful projects in the Azores were highlighted.

The activity ended with a visit to the facilities of the São Miguel Science and Technology Park.

With NONAGON as the core business of Information and Communication Technologies, this type of visits are of importance so that, by being introduced to the business ecosystem and the Incubator, one can contribute to attracting and retaining new talents in the Region.

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