NONAGON renews partnership with Altice


The Nonagon Association- Science and Technology Park of São Miguel and Altice Portugal renewed their partnership, after the first one in 2018, on the Nonagon facilities.

«It is with great satisfaction that, four years later, and proven the pertinence and importance of this partnership, we meet again to reaffirm our commitment together to work for the growth of businesses and the Azores. It is unquestionable the relevance to our community the know-how that Altice holds in matters that are crucial to our core business. » affirmed Teresa Ferreira, President of the Board of Directors of Nonagon, during the signing ceremony.

From Altice Portugal were present Alcino Lavrador, General Director of Altice Labs, João Teixeira, from CTO, Luís Silva, Chief of the Executive President´s Office, Ana Soares de Oliveira and Luís Vales, also from the Executive President´s Office, and João Epifânio from CSO B2C.

This protocol's purpose is to benefit the companies that are part of the Nonagon business community with the know-how from the specialized consulting teams and investigators from Altice Labs.

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