Nonagon referenced in the work “The New Way” by Jaime Quesado


Nonagon - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel is referenced, as a good example in supporting startups, in the work “The New Way - A Competence Agenda for a Trust Society” by the Economist and Manager Francisco Jaime Quesado.

“When we talk about the innovation and creativity, we need to talk about places. The competitive agenda for the future must integrate the peripheral and inland regions that tend to have more difficulties in attracting investments and talents. In this case, we also need to reference good examples. On the beautiful island of São Miguel, in the Azores, NONAGON is the example that it is possible in a more peripheral region to give startups, innovation centers and other modern operators, the opportunity to draw a different story of success. NONAGON is a scientific park where every day the flow of ideas and experiences is a permanent test for creating value on the island. But it is also a platform that connects different communities and regions of the world, creating new opportunities for international cooperation ”, says the author.

The New Way is a manifest for those who believe that only with a systemic agenda in innovation and creativity is it possible to sustain the competitiveness of the economy and the future of society.

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