NONAGON receive young people from the European project ‘’Stay-On’’


The Nonagon Association- Science and Technology Park of São Miguel received a visit from a group of sixteen young people that are part of the European project Stay-On: a community-based and driven project.

They were welcomed, along with three technicians from CRESAÇOR, at the Viking room where they had the chance to find out the mission and strategic goals of the Association through a presentation done by Bruno Amaral.

After the presentation, they got to know the areas of intervention of some of the businesses installed at the incubator Go-On of Nonagon, such as Azores Bim Studio, Trisolaris and Ninja Cows, where the promoters of each start-up shared some of their content.

Lastly, they visited the whole building and were received by Fibrenamics and by the president of the Board of Directors of Nonagon, Teresa Ferreira. Also associated with this initiative was a visit to Expolab- Living Science Centre.

This project is being funded by EEA and Noruega Grants for the ‘’Emprego Jovem’’ with the purpose of creating conditions that allow young people who don’t work or study to stay in their local territories, ensuring access to opportunities, benefits, services and jobs. The Stay-On project is compromised with the promotion of youth empowerment, providing them with the right skills for their local job market, such as digital skills or the ability to deal with environmental issues and personal growth.

The Azores are being represented by CRESAÇOR in the European consortium of the project Stay-On: a community-based and driven project, constituted by the organizations of Portugal, Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland, Ireland and Slovenia.

CRESAÇOR has the role of project manager and community catalyst, acting like a change agent that unlocks youth potential and takes responsibility for managing the activities that can make a change for the community.

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