Nonagon: from the Azores to Brazil


The Nonagon Association - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel was mentioned yesterday through a publication on the Blog “Competitive Intelligence” by Alfredo Passos.

The number of resident companies, promoted initiatives and future projects, are some of the information shared with the followers of this Blog.

PhD Professor, Alfredo Passos, residing in Brazil, was the first professional in Latin America to receive the Catalyst Award from Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals, for his contribution in the area of Competitive Intelligence in Brazil.

He is an associate of Atelier Brasil, a pioneer in the provision of Competitive Intelligence and Strategy services.

The publication is available at:

  • Tecnologia K – Epsilon Street, N.º 2
    9560-421 Rosário - Lagoa
  • +351 296 249 400
  • +351 965 985 090

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