Nonagon expansion completed in the first quarter of 2022


Today's edition of the Correio dos Açores newspaper, through an interview with the Regional Director of Science and Technology, Bruno Pacheco and the President of the Board of Directors of the Nonagon Association, Arnaldo Machado, shares information about the expansion of the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel.

"This new building responds to this need for us to expand Nonagon's response capacity, creating conditions, on the one hand, for the graduation of companies that are currently based in the incubator and, on the other hand, to host and install other business projects", highlighted the Regional Director.

Arnaldo Machado, in turn, states that "one of the strategic objectives of a science and technology park is to promote the transfer and knowledge of academies, research, innovation and development centers to companies so that they can introduce innovation in products and services and generate added value. We intend, in the next building, to also have knowledge production centers that reinforce the science component of the park and that it is not just a park of technology-based companies".

You can consult the full publication here

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