Nonagon between the FiiHUB project partners


The Nonagon Association - Science and Technology Park of S. Miguel will be present today and tomorrow at the FiiHUB Project presentation meeting, in the Main Hall of the Main House of Salazar in Santa Cruz de La Palma.

The FiiHUB project intends to create and implement the first technological reference center for the development of the Macaronesian business and entrepreneurial ecosystem, linked to the development of intelligent services based on Internet technologies and the international network of FIWARE iHub.

Representing the Azores on FiiHUB there are the Regional Fund for Science and Technolog as well as Ponta Delgada Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Nonagon Association.

These initiatives give the privilegie to networking and partnership with economic agents from other regions and the expansion of the Nonagon Association's contacts, as well as covering new areas and competences in the areas of science and technoloasy.

  • Tecnologia K – Epsilon Street, N.º 2
    9560-421 Rosário - Lagoa
  • +351 296 249 400
  • +351 965 985 090

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