Nonagon: Azorean Reference


The Nonagon Association - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel is present in the latest edition of Pontos de Vista Magazine.

The interview, made to the President and Vice-President of the Board of Directors, Arnaldo Machado and Teresa Ferreira, respectively, reflects the mission and strategic objectives of this Association, as well as how it has positioned itself to be a benchmark in sustainability management.

"The Sustainability Management Plan represents a resolution act to change the organizational behavior of the Nonagon Association, with the main objective of adopting more sustainable management solutions that positively influence the entire business community",  said the Vice President.

In this publication, the various initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and innovation that were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic are also highlighted, which, as stated by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, "will be resumed as soon as possible, when the conditions that allow its realization".

You can consult the Interview here.

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