Meeting between NONAGON and the business community


The members of the Board of Directors of the Nonagon Association, Teresa Ferreira, Odete Cabral and Fábio Vieira, and its team gathered in a meeting last Wednesday, with the representatives of the companies that are part of the Nonagon business community.

 The meeting started with the presence of Paula Andrade, in representation of Lagoa City Hall, who presented the ‘’Geração +ON’’, a new digital platform that wants to be a means of selection and recruitment of qualified human resources to companies.

After this brief presentation, some aspects of the community were discussed.

The 30 participants were also invited to participate in the strategic plan that the Nonagon Association is creating for 2023-2030. 

This meeting proved to be important to bring the community together in a space where they had the chance to talk freely about some of their problems, ask questions and make suggestions about initiatives or challenges that are related to the activity of Nonagon.

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