Islands Tourism at Smart Travel 2020


The Nonagon Association - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, will be present tomorrow at “Smart Travel 2020”, an event, from December 3 to 5, that defines the trends of smart cities in Portugal.

"Azores Digital Innovation Hub - Sustainable Tourism in Islands 4.0", will be the theme to be addressed by the President of the Board of Directors of the Nonagon Association, Arnaldo Machado, on the second day of the event.

“Smart Travel” is a festival dedicated to Smart Cities and Smart Tourism with a special focus on promoting best practices, case studies, conceptual innovations, news in services and products, creativity and interactions between tourists, citizens, cities, companies and stakeholders .

The options for debate, reflection, and exchange of ideas in an intimate and friendly environment is one of the strengths of the SMART TRAVEL event, revealing clues and new alternative paths.

Follow it here:

  • Tecnologia K – Epsilon Street, N.º 2
    9560-421 Rosário - Lagoa
  • +351 296 249 400
  • +351 965 985 090

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