International Interdisciplinary Congress of Children and Adolescents


Last weekend, the auditorium of the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel hosted the fifth edition of the International Interdisciplinary Congress of Children and Adolescents.

The plenary session of the last 2021 meeting was attended by André Ruela representing Expolab – Life Science Center and Jorge Nuno Silva and Tiago Hirth from the Ludus Association of the University of Lisbon.

Then, the approximately 50 participants had the opportunity to participate in the Workshop “Playing with Technologies”, organized at Expolab by André Ruela, and in the Workshop “Playing with Mathematics”, held at NONAGON by representatives of the Ludus Association.

Under the theme "LET'S PLAY?!", this edition was held from October 21 to 30, in a hybrid format, with the participation of renowned international, national and regional experts.

This is the annual event of the Interdisciplinary Nucleus for Children and Adolescents, which seeks to discuss, analyze, debate, discuss and disseminate research and good practices, promoting a better understanding and deepening of children and adolescents, in the most varied contexts and scientific and developmental areas.

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