INCoDe.2030 Presents Ponto Digital Platform


NONAGON hosted the presentation session of the Ponto Digital platform yesterday, where the results of the project 'National Map of Digital Empowerment Initiatives' were also introduced.

INCoDe.2030 aims to promote digital skills in Portugal and, in collaboration with Deloitte, has developed a nationwide project in the field of digital empowerment called the "National Map of Digital Empowerment Initiatives."

This project identified digital empowerment projects promoted in Portugal by public and private entities, with the University of the Azores collaborating as a partner and project pivot in the Azores Autonomous Region.

All the identified projects are being disseminated on the Ponto Digital platform, which aggregates a wide range of information, resources, and opportunities in the field of digital skills and employment.

During the session, Ana Laranjeira, coordinator of the Mission Structure for the Modernization and Reform of Public Administration, discussed the future of digital empowerment funding in Portugal, with a focus on the Azores Autonomous Region, presenting the expected funding opportunities in the future.

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