Government of the Azores advances with second phase of NONAGON


The Government of the Azores published today in a Official Newspaper a resolution approving the launch of the international public tender for the second phase of the Nonagon - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, relating to the construction of the Business Center for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with the base price of six million euros, adding IVA at the legal rate in force.

This second building, which will take 16 months to complete, intends to continue the process of business incubation in the area of Information and Communication Technologies, namely in digital agriculture, e-tourism and in the fisheries and sea sector, which are currently in a technology-based business incubator also headquartered at NONAGON.

So the installation of the Business Center for Information and Communication Technologies aims to respond, in the post-incubation phase to companies in the areas of ICT that have consolidated themselves.

At the same time, the new building will receive the called ‘fablab’, a space for technical support for a new generation of entrepreneurs, equipped with equipment, processes and human resources suitable for transforming ideas into prototypes and products, also in the area of ICT.

Considering that the NONAGON building that harbor technological companies is already completely filled, with a 100 percent occupancy rate, the construction of a second building is essential to recive new ICT companies.

The resolution now published was approved by the Government Council on 23 January, and comes into force on Tuesday, 11 February.


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