Go-On Incubator integrates National Incubator Network


The Go-On technology-based incubator, located at Nonagon -  Science and Technology Park of S. Miguel, joined the National Incubator Network this month.

The National Incubators Network proposes to identify, map and connect the existing incubators and accelerators in Portugal, allowing, in particular, to fill gaps at regional and sectoral level, to promote cooperation, information sharing and an increase in competitiveness.

In this way, the integration of Nonagon in this entrepreneurship ecosystem will allow it to benefit from the synergies associated with a comprehensive and diversified network of contacts, generating more added value for the incubated companies.

  • Tecnologia K – Epsilon Street, N.º 2
    9560-421 Rosário - Lagoa
  • +351 296 249 400
  • +351 965 985 090

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