First Internal Tournament Held at NONAGON


In an effort to promote interaction among employees from companies, the Nonagon Association, during the celebrations of its 8th anniversary, organized the first internal tournament in collaboration with Ninja Cows, a start-up located in the Incubator Go-On, dedicated to game development.

"Hell of a Run" was the game for this event—a board game that puts the seven princes of hell, masters and lords of the seven deadly sins, in a race to determine who will be the next King of Hell.

Out of the 15 participants, divided into 3 teams, three semifinalists were selected in the initial stage. In the final round, Rodrigo Santos was crowned the winner of the first NONAGON tournament.

This activity was sponsored by RICFIX Solutions, a start-up located in the coworking space, so the tournament winner received a voucher for two people to explore the crater of a volcano aboard an ATV.

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