FiiHUB Azores DIH aims to foster a digital transformation


Arnaldo Machado, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Associação Nonagon, representing the FiiHUB Azores Digital Innovation Hub, participated this afternoon in the webinar "How to Successfully Create and Run a FIWARE iHub", promoted by the Fiware Foundation.

"FiiHUB Azores DIH, based in Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, aims to foster the digital transformation of SMEs in the Azores by providing training and support in initiatives related to the European platform FIWARE, reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs Azores for internationalization and innovation", said Arnaldo Machado.

NONAGON, FRCT - Regional Fund for Science and Technology of the Regional Government of the Azores and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ponta Delgada are the main drivers of the Azores Digital Innovation HUB.

This webinar also featured the testimony of Jan-Willem Wesselink on behalf of the Future City Foundation, the first in the Netherlands and Jose Manuel Cabello Montesino by FiiHub Canary Island in Spain.

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