Fibrenamics promotes one of the biggest online events on “(Re) Thinking the Future”


Fibrenamics, spin-off of the University of Minho with a presence in the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, promotes, from today to April 24, the biggest online event on “(Re) Thinking the Future”: 5 days, 25 sessions and 30 live speakers.

How can companies, universities, services or innovation centers react to this unprecedented public health emergency?

Fibrenamics brought together the greatest and the best experts in science, technology and business to identify and anticipate challenges, promote critical mass and put major issues on the table.

In this online event, which will share ideas, specific cases and strategic challenges, participants will also have the opportunity to interact with speakers and answer questions about their business or activities.

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Program:  FibrenamicsImpulse_Agenda

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