EBN Annual Congress held in Brno


On the 13th, 14th and 15th of June, the Annual Congress of the EBN - European Business and Innovation Center Network took place in Brno, a network that the Nonagon Association has joined in 2016.

The theme of this edition was “How to support innovation, business creation and acceleration in uncertain times?”, debated by renowned keynote speakers, such as Vaughn Tan, author of the book “The Uncertainty Mindset” and professor at the UCL School of Management.

The participation in this Congress allowed to share some of the best practices in terms of Innovation among the incubators that made up this network.

In addition to panels dedicated to innovation in times of uncertainty, it was also possible to hold matchmaking sessions with entities that may collaborate with Nonagon in the future.

The Nonagon Association has been part of the board of EBN since 2018.

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