'Discovery Mission' to Grupo Marques Involves 14 participants


In an initiative titled the 'Discovery Mission,' the Nonagon Association visited Grupo Marques today to get to know their expertise in the Research and Development field.

The group of 14 participants, including Nonagon employees and members of resident companies in the Park, was welcomed by João Marques, Senior Business Developer and head of International Markets and Innovation, and Nuno Miranda, responsible for Institutional Relations and Communication. They shared with the group the mission and objectives of Grupo Marques, the purpose of establishing a diverse and distinct R&D area from their main business activity, and some insights into future prospects for new projects.

During the visit, which was part of the celebrations for the 8th anniversary of the Science and Technology Park, it was possible to tour the wood processing facility, getting to know the entire process, from raw material collection, through treatment and recycling processes, to packaging and distribution.

Following this, the group visited 'Essentia Azorica,' a brand belonging to Grupo Marques, which operates in the Health and Wellness sector through the production of essential oils, floral waters, and basalt powder.

This meeting, with the support of the Lagoa Municipal Council, also aimed to strengthen relationships and promote future collaborations between Nonagon's companies and Grupo Marques.

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