Digital Innovation Hub in a international network


The Azores Digital Innovation Center, an initiative of the Nonagon Association - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel and Regional Fund for Science and Technology, integrates an international network of FIWARE iHUBS.

The Digital Innovation Hub, based in Nonagon, focuses on sustainable tourism 4.0 and the integration of value chains associated with it, such as smart energy, smart cities, circular economy, among others. This iHub provides the local SME community with the necessary conditions to create new opportunities and improve the international promotion of their businesses.

"We want our iHub to be a place where companies - especially SMEs and startups - have access to technology testing environments, financial consulting, market intelligence, networking opportunities and business planning. Like skills and businesses, a digital and ecological transformation in the tourism sector will be subject to consideration to promote a digital innovation ecosystem for Smart Tourism and will automatically contribute to a strategy for a sustainable and digital Europe", says Arnaldo Machado, President of Board of Directors and iHub Coordinator.

FIWARE iHubs focus on building communities that, in turn, enable local digital businesses to thrive not only at a regional but global level. It intends to support companies and cities on the innovation and digitalization journey, offer easy access to open source technologies, support for business development and community building.

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