Coordinator of the National Cybersecurity Center shares the best practices to adopt


Approaching the celebration of World Internet Day, the Nonagon Association - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, promoted, this morning, a Webinar under the theme “Good cyber security practices in teleworking”.

This Webinar, started with a brief overview by Arnaldo Machado, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nonagon Association, counted on the intervention of the Coordinator of the National Cybersecurity Center, Lino Santos.

Lino Santos shared with all the participants a set of good practices to be adopted in teleworking, as well as, alerted to a set of possible threats and the importance of the employee's behavior in its prevention.

The webinar “Good cyber security practices in teleworking” was attended by about 60 participants, including the TERINOV Executive Director, some employees of the Azorean Business Development Society, some of the representatives of resident companies in Nonagon, entrepreneurs from the Go-On Incubator, representatives and entrepreneurs residing in TERINOV, entrepreneurs from the Azores Business Incubators Network and some associated companies from the various Chambers of Commerce and Industry and other business associations.

At the end of the event, those present had the opportunity to see their questions clarified by the Coordinator of the National Cybersecurity Center.

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