Connexall gives tribute on anniversary day


On a day to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, Connexall, one of the first companies to be headquartered in the space, pays tribute to NONAGON.

“Tribute and Gratitude to NONAGON - How many made its Birth possible! How many make your Growth possible! And they guarantee your development! ”, this is the message on the sign placed at the entrance to the building.

When it was unveiled, the founder of GlobeStar Systems (CONNEXALL) - David Nicodémio Tavares, who passed away last January, was remembered with emotion and nostalgia.

David Tavares founded GlobeStar Systems, and recognizing opportunities in the global market, defined Connexall, an alarm and event notification management platform, whose main focus is the medical and hospital areas. During all these years, David Tavares did not base his roots and supported the Azorean community.

In addition to members of the NONAGON business community, this moment was attended by the President of the Regional Government of the Azores, José Manuel Bolieiro, who highlighted the importance of the work developed by David Tavares for the development of the Azores, and the Regional Secretary of the Azores Culture, Science and Digital Transition, Susete Amaro.

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