Committee from the University of Évora visits Nonagon


Members of the University of Évora from the UI.CAN project - Universities as an Interface for Entrepreneurship, visited Nonagon and met with the President of the Board of Directors and members of the Nonagon Association team.

With the purpose of getting to know incubators and leading entrepreneurs, the members of the University identified Nonagon as an example to follow and came to know its modus operandi and its different areas of intervention.

During the meeting, the committee had the opportunity to learn about the history of the park, its projects, its business community and its different aspects through an institutional presentation, followed by a visit to the facilities.

During this meeting, Teresa Ferreira invited Professor Mouhaydine Tlemcani to be part of Nonagon's mentors, in the field of mechatronics.

The members of this committee were Valentina Castro, Head of the Innovation, Cooperation, Entrepreneurship and Employability Division, Célia Antunes, Professor and Entrepreneur in the Health and Nanotechnology area, Mouhaydine Tlemcani, Professor and Entrepreneur in the Mechatronics area, Isália Morais, Division Head of Administrative Services and Hernâni Oliveira, Researcher and Professor in the area of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

This meeting also intended to identify possible partnerships that may occur between the Science and Technology Park and the University of Évora, namely in the context of high-performance computing.

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