Closing session of the Internationalization Plan of NONAGON


The Nonagon Association- Science and Technology Park of São Miguel promoted, on December 22nd, an event for the dissemination and conclusion of the project ‘’Plan for the Internationalization of Science, Technology, Investigation, Development and Innovation’’.

The event consisted on a lunch where, after the President of the Board of Directors of the Nonagon Association, Teresa Ferreira, shared some welcome words, were presented the activities promoted under this Plan in 2021 and 2022.

The 36 participants, mostly composed by the members of the companies that are part of the Nonagon Business Community and the Science and Technology System of the Azores, also had the chance to hear some testimonies of entities that participated in the execution of this plan, like Cereal Games, Azores Bim Studio and Fibrenamics, with the purpose of disseminating innovation and scientific knowledge.

A group formed by members of companies of Nonagon, represented by Diogo Leite from PMA, participated on a Learning Tour to the Innovation Ecosystem of Massachusetts and, at this lunch, they shared the impact and results from the visits and contacts that they established while in Boston.

The Internationalization Plan wanted to improve the participation rates of regional entities in European and international funding programs, promote participation in seminars, conferences and colloquiums and other similar activities in the scientific and technological field, such as in the information and knowledge society, alert the Science and Technology System of the Azores about the benefits of participating in European and international funding programs, disseminate the production and the scientific knowledge of the region, and, lastly, increase interfaces between knowledge centers and companies, providing new dynamics in business innovation.

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