Azores on the podium at Agrisland Hackathon


The Azores Digital Innovation Hub (AzDIH), coordinated by the Nonagon Association, collaborated, from November 27 to December 2, in the realization of Agrisland Hackthon, an online event organized by the Canary Island Digital Innovation Hub (CIDIHub).

This Hackthon, whose objective is to create digital solutions that support the agrifood sector in the European islands (mainly in Madeira, the Azores and the Canaries), counted 42 participants from 6 countries, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru, distributed by 16 teams, two of them from the Azores - AgroAzores and Azores Equilibrium.

Over the 4 days of the event, which also counted on the collaboration of the Digital Innovation Hub of Madeira (Madeira DIH), the teams in the contest had the opportunity to work on 5 main and sequential aspects: idea, architecture, value proposition, market and pitch, in addition to the transversal activity of technical development of the digital solution.

In second place, AgroAzores was awarded, a project to compete for the Azores composed by Nuno Miranda, Paulo Pimentel, Fernando Nunes and Bernardo Borba, employees of Tetrapi Creative Solutions, a company based in the business community of NONAGON.

AgroCanarayFood was the big winner of this Hackathon and the third place was awarded to Agrimola.

In addition to the participating teams from the Azores, Hackathon had a round table to identify the main digital constraints in the agrifood sector with the intervention of Silvia Bulhões from TERRA VERDE. As mentor in the agrifood area, Gonçalo Andrade from Genius Grow was present in the Azores, as technological mentor Milton Moura and Custom Project's Venicio Ponte participated in the team of judges.

Hatckathons are traditionally technology development marathons that are based on the initiative of volunteers to develop specific software or free projects that are innovative and usable.

Agrisland Hackathon is an initiative financed through the call for proposals “RESPOND” of the SmartAgriHubs project, with the objective of mobilizing the ecosystem and proposing digital solutions that face the crisis caused by COVID-19 and its impact on the agrifood sector in the general.

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