Azores 2050: Our Collective Future


The auditorium of the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel hosted yesterday the final event of the Program “Gestão e Liderança em Sustentabilidade”, promoted by the Society for the Business Development of the Azores.

Over the course of several months, around 30 Azorean companies received training from the most varied and respected personalities and entities, internationally, with expertise in the area of Sustainability.

At the final event, at a time called “Power Pitches”, all the companies involved in this training action had the opportunity, in 8 minutes, to present the commitments to be reached, in terms of sustainability, within their areas of activity , these months of knowledge and experience sharing ended.

The Vice President of Government, Employment and Business Competitiveness, Sérgio Ávila, was present at this moment, praising the importance of this action for the development of the Azores and congratulating all involved for the conclusion of this Program.

“Azores 2050: Our Collective Future”, was the challenge of the various participating companies.

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