Azorean game wins prize for the most awaited 2020


Pecaminosa, a game by Cereal Games, a company installed in the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, was considered the most awaited national game of 2020 by the Moshbit Awards.

The game is also nominated for Playstation Talents 2020, whose winner will be announced early next year.

Pecaminosa is an RPG (Role-Playing Game, or narrative game) created in a film noir environment, which follows the story of the protagonist John Souza. With the production finished, the video game is in the final stretch and should be released in the first quarter of 2021 simultaneously for all platforms: PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, X-Box and Playstation.

Cereal Games was welcomed by the GO On Incubator in 2015, a year after it was founded. In July 2019, it moved from the start-up phase and became the first graduated company in the Science and Technology Park of São Miguel.

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