A scientific and technological boost in the Azores


The Nonagon Association - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel is present in the August 31 edition of the Jornal Açoriano Oriental.

Based on an interview with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Arnaldo Machado, an article was published that addresses Nonagon's mission and strategic objectives, the main initiatives undertaken and how the entity faced and is developing its activity in time pandemic.

This publication also shares the ambitions for Nonagon's future: the dynamization of the Azores Digital Innovation Hub and the expansion of infrastructure.

“In view of the need to increase digital transformation and foster some areas of the so-called economy 4.0, we intend to coordinate an Azores Digital Innovation Hub that will therefore benefit companies in the Azores, far beyond the organic ICT cluster resident in Nonagon,” said Arnaldo Machado.

You can consult the article here.

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