25th anniversary of Globaleda


Globaleda was the 1st company to be part of the business community of Nonagon Association, and to celebrate their 25th anniversary they promoted a conference about ‘’The digital for a smart administration’.

The conference started with the president of the Board of Directors of Globaleda and then proceeded with four speakers. The first speaker was the manager of Globaleda, Fábio Costa, who talked about ‘’Telecommunications in a smart administration’’, then it was Juan Martin, director of Radiotrans Engineering, who presented the ‘’ Digital Mobile Radio Solutions’’. After him, Joaquim Freire, director of the Cloud Business of SAP Portugal, talked about ‘’The Cloud Benefits’’ and, lastly, Miguel Rebelo de Sousa, leader of the utilities market of AXIANS Portugal, presented ‘’The Sustainability Cockpit’’.

With this conference, Globaleda wanted to put in debate the ‘’capability of information and telecommunication systems, as training tools for organizations, in the optimization of their processes, as well as in the mitigation of inefficiencies, to see if it can deliver useful and quick information, capable of speeding up the process of decision-making by managers, entrepreneurs and investigators’’.

The conference was ended by the President of the Regional Government of the Azores, José Manuel Bolieiro, with intervention from the President of the Board of Directors of EDA, Nuno Pimentel.

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